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I'm just a-wandring on the face of this earth/teaching so many people who are trying to be free

If I were more conventional, I suppose I'd be calling this page test.html. But I'm not. Obviously. 10 cyberbucks to the first person who knows what the page name means, and you won't find the answer on here. It's meaningless, as far as this content goes. Course, as you read on you might eventually realize that this content isn't really much more than that - content. It doesn't say anything or mean anything. Then again, neither do I. But that's the extent of the surreality to be found on this page. The rest is just plain weird, boring, useless, whatever adjective you choose. Enjoy!

What do you think of fried persimmons for brunch? yum tasty! ecch no way!
I prefer guava beans better than dill weed I always say!

This is a form. Why are you filling it out?

I can harass you at:

My favorite Legion Of SuperHeroes member is:

I am:
not yet diagnosed
having my papers processed as I webbrowse

I've always wished that I had the power to:

I model myself after:

My favorite new Crayola colour(s) is/are:

Faced with two doors, one leading to sudden death and one leading to salvation, I would:

If I were to choose what kind of ice cream I wanted to be.. I would pick:
vanilla, the dull flavour
strawberry, the kind without real fruit
strawberry, the kind with the real fruit
chocolate, ordinary and common
orange, hard to find and damn good when you do
maple walnut, for all the nuts out there
tiger tiger.. mmm black licorice
butterscotch swirl.. before someone digs out all the butterscotch
blueberry cheesecake, cause I'm too special for cherry
cherry cheesecake, it's safer than blueberry
root beer float, yum yum
mint chip.. do you have a problem with that????
rhubarb of course!
heavenly hash.. can't.. get.. enough.. junk..
rum and butter, just add alcohol
C is for cookies and cream, that's good enough for me..

I think that:
Ice cream is not an appropriate measure of personalities
The author of this page is in serious need of mental help
You should delete this page before it poisons the web further!!

Preferred method of world domination:

I always need my daily dose of:

And finally.. introduce yourself.

Before you send this in.. try and explain the significance of:
1) the pagename
and 2) the default name.
Good luck!

get back to where you once belonged..

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