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Nighty-night Stories

Once upon a time in a small valleyless, hill-less area there lived a whole bunch of people on a plain. And the reason they lived on the plain is because there were no hills or valleys nearby. But they liked it that way. So they were pretty happy people. Until one day when a whole bunch of unhappy stuff started happening. So they weren't happy anymore. They were very sad. And they cried. And cried. They all cried so much that they flooded the plain they all lived on and they all drowned. The End.

A long, long time ago there was a mean old king. Everyone hated him and nobody liked the mean old king. He wasn't a very nice person. He used to invite people over for supper, then eat them! But one day all the people got tired of the mean old king eating all their friends and relatives. So they picked up all their pitchforks and axes and other sharp objects and sliced the king into deli meats and made sandwiches. The End.

In a land far, far, faraway lived a witch. And she was a good witch. She always gave the little kids the best treats on Halloween (chocolate bars!), and she helped people with their love lives, and she kept the mean nasty old house-smashing ogre away. After about 60 years under the "Reign Of The Witch", as the villagers called it, the truth was revealed. ALl the kids who had eaten her candy turned into frogs, all the people who had used her love potions turned into toads, and the mean nasty house-smashing ogre came and wrecked all their thatch-roofed huts. The witch cackled with glee and made a killing selling frog- and toad-legs to passing tourists. The End.

Not so very long ago and not so very far away there was a big huge castle with lots of pretty sculptures on it. All the neighborhood children would go everyday after school and play in the big castle yard under the pretty statues. None of the children would pay attention in class because they'd be looking ahead to the end of the day and playing under the great big statues. That caused their teachers to beat them with a strap, but they didn't mind. One day as they played beneath the lovely statues, the music teacher came out and played a beautiful song on her flute which caused the statues to come to life and eat all the children who hadn't been paying attention in class. The End.

More stories to come as time permits. I hope your children have sweet dreams!

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