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I Want! I Want! I Want!

So you've decided to get me a birthday gift, eh? Don't be denying it now, you've already been counted, inventoried and I'm expecting a present in the mail any day now. Just to help you along, since you're being so generous, I've listed below 20 of the things (in honour of my 19th birthday, figure that one out) that would make my life a sunny day for years to come. (New!! Now 21 items!) I don't much like sunny days, but that's not the point. This is the stuff I want, so gimme. I deserve it, don't I? Hurry.. only 0 shopping days left.

Time given is completely irrelevant, for you have missed my birthday and are now slated for sacrifice to pagan gods.

Item 1

Abbey Road. You know, by The Beatles? Would you believe my dad doesn't even have it so I could pirate it off of him? It's up to you now, get it for me!

Didn't get it.
Item 2

Bargainville. No, this isn't by The Beatles. Try Moxy Fruvous. I'm too cheap to buy it for myself.

Didn't get it.
Item 3

Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the movie. Haven't seen it? You should. Stars the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton. And it was made in my birthyear!

Didn't get it.
Item 4

The Sci-Fi Channel's Book of Trivia. I'm not sure if that is the exact title, but I saw it once in a bookstore and it's full of trivia about scifi books, tv and movies. I just need the extra useless knowledge.

Didn't get it.
Item 5

A laptop computer. I will be indebted for life to whomever gets this for me (hint hint). Doesn't need to be a Pentium or anything fancy, as long as it works.

Didn't get it.
Item 6

Monty Python albums. Any of them. There is no humour like british humour! :)

Didn't get it.
Item 7

Sim City Classic. The original computer version that I once played. My brother sold our SNES version, so I need something.

Got it.
Item 8

Arrogant Worms. This item used to be Leisure Suit Larry, but I got that now :) I saw these guys in concert a couple days ago, and they have 3 cds out. They were awesome, but I didn't have money for a cd :( But you can get me one!!.

Didn't get it.
Item 9

Space Quest. Police Quest. Kings Quest I, II, III, and IV. By now, you might have noticed I love Sierra games :). I've already got Kings Quest V and VI, but any and all others would be appreciated!

Didn't get it.
Item 10

Final Fantasy Legend I & II for GameBoy. Just call me RPG girl, but if ya do don't forget to send me one. Link's Awakening is also acceptable.

Didn't get it.
Item 11

Tales From The Crypt, Vault Of Horror, Haunt Of Fear, Weird Science, Weird Fantasy, Weird Science-Fantasy, Incredible Science-Fiction. These comics are currently being reprinted by Gemstone Publishing so you could snatch up a few of those prints, or any of the Gladstone Publishing reprints from a few years back. Originals will be even more appreciated, with a thanks of life-slavery in return. But you might find them a bit too pricey.

Didn't get it.
Item 12

Superman. Spiderman. I'm a comic book geek, so what? However, I only want comics of pre-1990. None of the death-of-Superman-junk or Peter-Parker-isn't-really-Peter-Parker-crap. Give me Golden Age and Silver Age!

Didn't get it.
Item 13

Legion Of Super Heroes. With this title (and the new Legionnaires as well) anything from the dawn of time to the present will be warmly welcomed and given a special place in my comic boxes :).

Didn't get it.
Item 14

A new VCR. It's not a selfish want, our family really needs one cause the one we've got is older than it has a right to be. It's amazing it even works.

Didn't get it.
Item 15

A phone. Dark green, sleek design, non-cordless, non-cellular (I will plug it in) and with a small amount of extra features. Nothing ugly, please.

Didn't get it.
Item 16

Money for clothes. No, do not pick out clothes for me, because I probably won't wear 'em. Unless they're comic book related, or Star Trek. Yes, I would wear a Star Trek t-shirt, and I would wear it proudly too. Anything in a foreign language (other than english) would be nice, as long as a translation was provided.

Didn't get it.
Item 17

A car. Preferably without rust and preferably one that will work. Other than that, anything will do.

Didn't get it.
Item 18

The Watchmen. 12-page comic miniseries, a must read. Either the 12 comics or the trade paperback, or even the fancy boxed hardcover edition :).

Didn't get it.
Item 19

Horror novels. Any author, any subject. I have an affinity for used books so send them on down. Being such a bookworm, I will read nearly anything (par exemple, my mother's historical romances) and it's always nice to expand one's library.

Didn't get it.
Item 20

A real internet connection, that won't cost hardly anything and actually has free lines to dialup to once in awhile. It's a personal dream of mine.

Didn't get it.
Item 21

Sailor Moon stuff!! So I still watch kids' cartoons.. gimme a break. If it makes me happy, then who really cares? I would really like some of the original manga comics though...

Didn't get it.

That's about it for now, when I think of more greedy little desires, this page will be the first place to find them. All presents are to be sent to me, naturally. Let me know what you are sending and I'll let ya know where to aim it at. Thanks in advance! Don't forget the return address for your own personal thank you card :) Gifts will always be accepted, never rejected!

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