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Alpha.. part 4!

Once upon a very long time ago there lived a little girl and her three wicked brothers. These wicked brothers were all younger than this little girl (only called little cause it makes her sound more vulnerable and hence the reader will sympathize with her more) and so the girl's parents were always expecting her to "set an example", "be nice to your brothers", "if they're having trouble help them", and so basically in effect she was a slave to the three wicked brothers. She did their chores for them so she wouldn't get yelled at for not taking care of them, she lent them money so they wouldn't get in trouble and not have money to bail themselves out, she let them choose everything the family did as a group just to avoid arguments.. they ran her life. As the girl got older and tried to free herself of these ties to her wicked brothers by moving on and doing things with her life, volunteering, school, etc.. she found she was still expected to do the same things as before even though she never had the time. The demands on her were becoming extreme and she didn't know what to do.. she needed to live her own life yet the bonds to her family would not loosen in order to set her free. Her parents said she was not responsible enough to be let go.. but so what if she had trouble waking up in the morning? So what if she didn't make her bed every day? Those are just minor things... certainly not worth treating her like a child over. She felt she deserved to live her own life and not have to sacrifice her time to her family.. although she did love them. But there was only one solution to her problem. And that was to eliminate the problem altogether. So the next day she took an Uzi from the psycho neighbor and shot her family. Problem solved.

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So much for that being an honest life story. But really.. it did have a semi-happy ending. Where I left off, anyway. I didn't mention the part where the poor innocent little girl was tried in court as an adult (although she isn't quite one yet) and is convicted on 5 counts of 1st degree murder and thrown in a maximum security penitentiary to serve 5 consecutive life sentences (here in Canada life means 25 years) with no hope of parole for at least 10 years. She eventually hooked up with an inmate nicknamed Godzilla (the poor lady's name was Gloria.. and she was six and a half feet tall) and together they lived the rest of their lives within prison walls, making life bearable for each other. I won't go into details. Well, no more detail than I already have.

Why the picture? To indulge my vanity.. I suppose. Personally, I prefer the background to the person in the photo but I have gotten a lot of compliments on it, so I guess majority rules hey? Oh and by the way.. the links below the pic are for my guestbook.. sign if you will (pleeeeeeease..?) and leave your mark. Then sometime after you sign it I'll go in there and read the entries and think.. "who is that?" and hey if I'm bored enough I'll even write you to ask who you are. But don't count on it.. I have yet to be that bored. But don't let that stop you from signing.

My friend marlowe. Aka Keri, Madame First Canadian Female President of the United States, and .. well anything else you can think of. Read about her on the Keri FAQ which was a little petty of me to write but what the hell. It's a done deed. Email her to tell how mean it was of her to set up her egging page with me as default to be egged. *sniff* How cruel of her... but I'm quite over it now. No big deal. Though 12 of my supposed friends did egg me *sigh* including my cyberdad and a couple of my cyberbrothers (my cyberfamily.. turned against me!) But I'm not bitter. Of course.. she doesn't know about this page yet.. but she will.

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