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The Keri FAQ

everything you wanted to know but didn't care enough to ask...

Well, just to start out, Keri is a friend of mine who you'll find on the net under the nick marlowe. She decided on her last homepage here to bring up the fact that although I have known her for 10 years, I barely even mentioned her on my homepages. Well, this one's for you Keri.. step in and enjoy the ride. Remember... you asked for it!

{funky line}

Technically, Keri and I most likely met in grade 1. When I skipped out of kindergarten into grade 1, she was already there (thanks to her advanced age). Although my memories of way back then are nearly non-existent (1983? yeah as if I'd remember) there is picture evidence that we shared the class. And a cute little 7 year old she was too. Unfortunately, she lived in an area of town that got a new school built just the next year.. so the friendship that would come to be lost it's first chance at growth. (I doubt we even spoke in grade 1, but this makes a better story doesn't it?)

AcTal: the beginning of... something

In grade 4 these weirdo guys would call people out of class at random and make them take all these freaky tests. Boring. But what these tests were meant to determine is who won the brain lotto at birth. *yay* I was one of them (to be modest) and so was Keri. They invited about 100 kids to take this special program (AcTal.. short for academically talented) and they took 30. Keri's parents made her go. At least, that's what she told me in grade 5. They even told her she had to stay in the program until grade 8, when the elementary part ended. Lucky her.. my parents forced me in a less subtle way.

Keri was destined to become one of the 'popular people'. Always dressed in the latest styles (no matter how weird they were) and of course nice to everyone. Even us losers (yes I mean me). With her permed hair and braces and of course those dangly earrings everyone had to wear to be cool, Keri was 'the person to be'. Even my mother would say to me.. "why can't you be more like Keri? She gets along with everyone!"

Grade 6, tryouts for band. We got to list our 3 choices and then we got assigned instruments. I got the clarinet, which made me happy at the time. Keri got the tenor sax. The poor dear had to lug that huge case around on the bus home from school on band days. And a heavy thing it was, too. Speaking of buses.. Keri has a paranoia about jaywalking across one street in town. You see, we jaywalked across that street there in a huge group of people, and when we got to the other side there was a nice Mr Police Man waiting to ticket people. We were too young to be ticketed, so we just got a warning. Still to this day, she has a phobia about jaywalking on that one corner. Weird, hey?

Also in grade 6 (she's not going to like me bringing this up) I decided on a whim to take baton lessons (don't laugh.) and who did I find in that class.. but Keri! This was her second year of baton class. And of course, she was the star, teacher's pet, etc. I even have pictures from our final presentation for our parents. And I will scan it, with her looking all proud, holding her baton high, poodle hair and all (new perm).

Have I never mentioned Keri's grand cousin Chris? The boy is a legend among her friends, for many strange reasons. Chris resides in this little spot on the web. He's an odd child.

{same funky line}

All inquiries about Keri (this _is_ an FAQ) can be sent to the author.

Check back in the future for more about Keri.. in the meantime.. mail her!

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