It Was The Big 1-9!!!

Here's a regaling of a little episode in Keri's life.. as told on #cafebleu by moi :)

<Deep> your turn for a story now...Erin
<Alpha> ok :)
<Alpha> once upon a time there was a girl named Keri.. who was turning 19
<marlowe> uh oh...
* marlowe doesn't like this story :P
*** Swallow ( has joined #cafebleu
<Deep> oooooh good story
* marlowe doesn't like where it's heading..
<marlowe> Hey Swallow
<Alpha> and for her birthday he friends took her to a very nice restaurant.. so she could order her first drink
<Wookie> suspense!!!
<Deep> yeah yeah yeah
*** Swallow ( has left #cafebleu
* marlowe hangs her head
<marlowe> let's not tell this story
<Deep> more more more
<Alpha> and so.. she was uncomfortable cause no one else was drinking.. and people were forcing drinks on her.. so Shauna decided to lighten up the party by giving her a present
<marlowe> stop stop stop
* marlowe sighs
<Deep> go go go
<marlowe> silly Keri..
<Deep> dont stop dont stop dont stop
<Alpha> so Keri opened the present from Shauna, wrapped in yellow garbage bags and ribbons
<marlowe> (don't listen to Deep! ;)
<Deep> garbage bags? hahaha
<marlowe> *sigh*
<Deep> then what?
<marlowe> the end!
<Alpha> she carefully untied the ribbons to save, and pulled out a beautiful birthday hat
<Deep> woooo hoooooo
<Alpha> that Shauna had made herself
<marlowe> (did not!!! I ripped open the ribbons!)
<marlowe> (let's get some accuracy here, storyteller)
<Alpha> it was a white visor, heavily decorated with ribbons and Kinder Surprise toys :)
<Alpha> (very gaudy thing)
<Deep> so uhmmmm did this 19 yr old Keri put on this hat?
<Alpha> so her mean and cruel friends made Keri wear this umm... bright hat in the restaurant and all the other customers stared
<marlowe> (no she did not.. she had more dignity than that
<Alpha> (she wore it)
<Deep> kewl story!!! what happened then?
<marlowe> (she didn't)
<Alpha> then.. as Keri was coerced into taking a forced bathroom break, her friends spoke to the waiters so they would sing happy birthday to her
<Deep> hahahaha :)
<Alpha> so when Keri was brought back.. about 8 members of the staff snuck up behind her with a piece of cake and started singing to her
<Deep> did she still have the hat on?
<Alpha> one waiter even told her that without being told they never would have guessed it was her birthday :)
<Alpha> oh yeah :) she wore it *all night*.. even wore it to the bathroom
<marlowe> (grrrrr.. dont like this story...)
* Deep thinks this would be a good photo opportunity....if it was a true story
<marlowe> (good thing no one had a camera)
<Alpha> Shauna has the pictures :)
* Deep would pay good money for the pictures......
<Alpha> so after awhile everyone left the restaurant.. Keri sporting her hat proudly :)
* marlowe would pay better money to destroy the pictures..
<marlowe> (proudly??? accuracy!!! we demand accuracy!!)
<Deep> hehe
<Alpha> and as they drove through the streets of downtown saskatoon, they followed a car with tape hanging from it, which fell off
<Alpha> so they stopped and dared Keri to go out and grab the tape from the middle of the street to attach to the back of the big blue van they were in :)
<marlowe> (gee.. those fictional characters sure know how to pahty)
<Alpha> and she did :)
<Alpha> in her hat :)
<Deep> lol
<Alpha> middle of downtown Saskatoon :)
<marlowe> (hmm.. why don't you try using some believability in your stories?)
<marlowe> (realism, anyone?)
<Deep> another photo opportunity
<Alpha> and so she tied the long thread of tape to the ladder on the back of the van.. and Meagan got the idea to attach balloons as well
<Alpha> and the radio was blasting "Light My Fire" by the Doors
<Alpha> and the side door to the van was open, and as Meagan tied balloons on the end of the tape
<Alpha> Keri was dancing on the sidewalk :)
<Alpha> really grooving to the music :)
<Deep> woooo hooooo video opportunity
<marlowe> (STOP STOP STOP)
<Alpha> stop what? ;)
<Wookie> stop Onibla msging
<Onibla> hey! leave me outta this! ;P
<Onibla> wookie didn't see a thing
<Wookie> Wouldnt ya like to know ..
<Alpha> and then they took off.. in their lovely van
<marlowe> hahaha
<Alpha> and drove to Shauna's house, so she could get her camera and some cds :)
<Deep> this is a lovely story!!!
<Alpha> So Shauna took a couple pictures of Keri in her hat in the van.. and they started to cruise 8th St :)
<marlowe> (this is a horrid story.. definitely not something that needed recounting)
<Alpha> but unfortunately all the drinks were starting to get to people, so they stopped for a bathroom break at Robin's Donuts
*** Fate ( has joined #cafebleu
<marlowe> Hey Fate
<Alpha> and the cashier was real cranky.. so they decided to pretend they were staying for a bit.. people bought donuts..
<Deep> Robin never had the donuts, I hope
<Alpha> and then Shauna wanted a group pictur.. so she set the timer and took 2 group shots in the donut shop
<Alpha> and then they left.. to drive and listen to Monty Python in the car so Keri could sing along at the top of her lungs :)
<marlowe> (ack!!!)
<Deep> did anyone record these songs?
<Alpha> still happily sporting her hat
*** Fate ( has left #cafebleu
<Alpha> no.. sadly enough.. she didn't want to sing them into a microphone :(
<Alpha> and every so often you could hear her seat buzz.. since the front seats in the van vibrated ;)
<Deep> hahahaha lol
<marlowe> I think I speak for everyone when I say this story is getting a little old..
<Alpha> hehehe :) no you don't :) it's almost done anyway
<Alpha> so they got kinda bored, just driving around.. so they started going in mall parking lots.. just to drive around
<marlowe> (vibrating seats.. razzin frazzin.. it was just a feature that provided extra back support..)
<Alpha> and they followed one guy out of the parking lot.. tailing him until he got real paranoid
<Deep> *Onibla* sounds like someone needs to buy a scanner for Shauna
<marlowe> (shutting up, now)
<Deep> hee hee
<marlowe> hahahah WRONG!!!
<Alpha> hahahah :)
* Onibla is too nice to have said such a thing!
* Alpha is going ot get those pictures from Shauna
<Deep> heyyyy whats this about following guys??????? I never heard that one before
<Alpha> and so this guy turned into a different parkinglot and Shauna drove past him.. and he started tailing them :)
<Alpha> (we do it all the time :)
<Alpha> ;)
<Alpha> until they got stopped at a light.. which wouldn't change.. so Keri (still in her hat) ran out to hit the walk button :)
<marlowe> (sigh.. stupid Keri)
* Deep decides, there is more to these SASK girls than he knows.....
<Deep> hahahaha
<Alpha> then the guy turned.. so Shauna started following him again until the voice of reason told her to give up :)
* marlowe does not follow guys in cars all the time :P
<marlowe> Alpha = voice of reason
<Wookie> surrrrrrrrrrrrre :)
<Alpha> and then the voice of reason went home... and the rest of the evening was unsupervised :)
<Onibla> what kinda car should I drive next time I'm in sask for best results?
<Alpha> marlowe no, only some of the time.. remember the purple Firefly?
<marlowe> (ack)
<marlowe> (lies)
<Alpha> well the car we followed that night was a red sportscar...
* BigPimpin vomits
<Alpha> any car'll do as long as it isn't brown
<Onibla> hehehe
<Alpha> :)
<Alpha> and so the next day Keri denied everything that happened even though there were witnesses and still denies it to this day :) the end
<marlowe> (finally)
<Alpha> although every word is true
<marlowe> (dumb story :P)
<Alpha> ok marlowe you tell one then :)
* Onibla might believe every _third_ word.. but that's it. ;)
<marlowe> there ya go :)
* marlowe tries to think of a story that would make her look good..
<marlowe> hmmm
<marlowe> never mind
<marlowe> :P
<Wookie> remembers the newspaper headlines the next day in SASK TIMES ....."Guy driving out of parking lot.....blames missing voice of reason.....for vicious attack by teenage girls....."
<Alpha> hehehehe :)

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