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You are the person to pop by here since my counter was reset. Unfortunately it gets reset often.

This is all about me, and it isn't much. I am Alpha, of the little-known city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is my goal in life to educate people round the world about my hometown. Many years ago (at the end of the disco era) on a lovely spring afternoon...May 6 to be exact... I entered the world for the first time. That is where my saga begins... and nearly 18 years later the story still continues. Through it all...softball, wrestling, drama, bowling, etc. I haven't changed much.. growing up under the comforting sounds of the best music ever known to man (in my opinion anyway.. and on my page my opinion is the only one that counts!). I was raised along side the rocking sounds of the 60s and 70s.. my favorite eras to be sure. So what if I only lived through 1 1/2 years of the 70s?

Why the top icon, you ask? (used to be a spock icon up there) Well apart from being an avid Trekkie...there's a hidden meaning that most of you won't get. But even then it's a cool pic. Apart from my Star Trek obsession, I took the page title from my other fave show...the Twilight Zone. But, alas and alack... none of my local TV networks carry it anymore! I have been scouring the world for vid-tapes...know where I can get some? Email me please! That's only 2 of my obsessions... one of my most major hobbies is irc!!! (It can be addictive, I am proof of that!) Check out #cafebleu for the kewlest channel around. I get my irc access through the Univ of Saskatchewan, of which I am a proud student! I am in first year in Arts and Sciences (known as the "do you want some fries with that?" college) majoring in Math/Physics. What fun! :)

And now... (drum roll please) My Kewler Page!!!

Links to other sites

#cafebleu ...the kewlest channel on the undernet...find me there always!
me friend marlowe's page...check it out! (she's so awesome)
web chat! This is where Alpha was born (the nick not the person)
me fave show! Trivia, listings...this has it all on the Zone!
LED ZEPPELIN!!! need I say more?

And for my vanity's sake... you may now look at me

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As of the time this was written (March 21th)....46 shopping days until my b-day!!

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