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You thought you could get away?

Well you are sadly mistaken.

Do you have any idea of the trouble you've gotten yourself into now?? Well let me tell you. Not only are you cursed with eight years bad luck (that's right, not seven.. but EIGHT years), but your hair will turn into Medusa snakes by the next federal holiday! Also, your children (if you are fortunate to have any) will spend their lives being mercilessly teased by their peers and called 'broomhead'. Your pets will spontaneously combust during a fancy dinner with your boss, sending little doggy or kitty bits all over your boss' $3000 suit. No, you won't get fired. However, you will be forced to take the lowest position in your company so that even Slow Eddie, who only passed the first grade will be earning more than you. *tsk tsk* and all because you chickened out and took the wrong link.

a chance to redeem yourself