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Fine.. don't stay and look at my page. Don't sign my guestbook. Just run away to these other pages because mine just isn't good enough for you. Don't come crawling back to me when these other pages fail to meet your high standards.
Internet Directory of Published Writers

Amateur Wrestling Page

Gilbert and Sullivan home page

Led Zeppelin Page

IRC #Cafebleu page

Mirsky's Worst of the Web


Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Famous for Fifteen minutes

Send Fake Mail

Lite Brite

125 Cheesiest Pickup Lines

Murphy's Laws on Sex

Dead People Server

WWW Ouija

The Klingon Language Institute

Santa Claus

World Birthday Web

A Useless Game

Find Your Name in Hawaiian

Analyze Your Name

Captain Kirk Sing-a-long Page

Star Trek Top Ten Lists


Send Virtual Flowers

Play Blackjack


Test Your Mood

Consult The Oracle

The Guess Who homepage

Go For The Gold

Sailor Moon

Tales From The Crypt

Netcreations Backgrounds

Submit It!

Batman: The TV Show

Looney Tunes Home Page

Coca Cola

The Complete Tim Curry

A Tribute To Vincent Price

Am I Canadian? Quiz

Random Monty Python Skit

Random 80s Lyric

Pig Latin Converter


Clue Movie Homepage!

Kraft Dinner Home Page

Rod Serling's Night Gallery

ColecoVision Homepage

Spiral Into The 80s

John Ratzenberger Home Page

Little House On The Prairie

Sierra OnLine

The Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Page

Smurf Home Page

Saskatchewan - the best place in the world to live

Virtual Presents

Saskatoon International Fringe Festival

The Time Trapper's Cross Time Legion of Super-Heroes Web Pages



Become An Honourary Canadian

EvilPeople, Inc.

Dani's MIDI Files Collection


Centre For The Easily Amused

Spam's House Of Canned Meat, The Web Page

Geocities Web Services


Beatles Page

Batfan Club


Evergreen Terrace, Home Of The Simpsons

The Annotated Watchmen

Cringer's He-man Page

She-ra "Princess of Power"

The Comic Book Resources TV

Wonder Woman WWW Page

Valley URL

Dancing Stick-man

Computer Geek Warning Signs

The UberPage Of The First Church Of Shatnerology

Official Stampeders Home Page

April Wine Home Page


Monkees Page

Wall O' Shame

The Anti-Canada Website

Free Internet Stuff

Humor Archives

Arrogant Worms Homepage




pIRCh Homepage

Sailor Moon Multimedia

Saskatoon FreeNet photo album

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