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{lava lamp} People are strange... lava lamp

Strangely enough, over the past 2 1/2 years as I built up homepage links a lot of them have expired! So, umm.. don't be surprised if a few don't work. The first for sure works, and so do the ones towards the end of the list.

a friend of mine.. umm.. what else to say.. check this out

A crunchy, friendly cookie often to be found hanging around Spams trying to encourage people to 'nibble' a bit

Find this guy in Sharks, just down the hall from Spams.

where is this boy????

He calls this his _Dark Abyss_, but it used to be the un-darkest most un-abyss-like place around. Things have now changed. It has lots of good links.

Watch out for his chihuahua stick.. he swings it often. Other than that.. a non-violent guy.

An ELO fan! Check out his page for more info :)

A fiery pit to be true.. but yet it's only a web page.. it can't hurt you

A darling gal to be sure, and also a frequenter of Spams although I haven't seen her much lately :(

Preacher Lady
Just one of her many identities :) Here's another.

The Beast
Realtime friend of mine.. see him in Sharks on occasion.

From down in SC, USA, he's got one of the nicest looking pages around

Friend of Ghostwind's, he's setting up a music trading page for those interested.

Yet another SC person!

My favorite cyberbrother and a major Oasis fan, even making his own Oasis page.

He's got his page on an AOL server but I can't remember the URL.. anyway.. AOL sucks.

Dangerous Dave
A neighbor! Well, not really, he's in Manitoba, my neighboring province, and definitely worth checking out.

This guy has the best taste in music! Check out BOSTON LIMITS or see him in Group Therapy.

He thinks I study too much.. boy is he wrong!!

One of the more interesting people on the cafe. She put a lot of work into her page.. definitely worth checking out.

Probably the proprietor of the world's nicest deserted island.

Well what do you know? A Saskatonian (yes that's how we are referred to) that I have yet to meet. Well there are more than 200 000 people here.. it's not the hole-in-the-wall you'd think.

another cafebleu-er and a friend of mine.. check out the picture gallery of his family.

Hey! Another real life friend that has become hooked on cyberspace :) Kewl background here

Formerly known as WarrenG, this guy's got some of the best poetry on the net (in my opinion of course) Check out his Netscape 2.0 enhanced page :)

Mad Mole
For a blind, hairy mammal that's supposed to live underground, he seems like a pretty normal guy. Check out the Dead Mole page.

kit kat
shhh.. she doesn't know I've got her homepage here :)

former lurker champion.. he pulled out *just* before the Olympics

Peter T
I just saw this page the other night and wow.. I was impressed. He even sent me a lavalamp program :)

should have put this link here ages ago.. did a geek test from here once.. got 45%! (*ouch*)

From Manitoba! almost as cool as Saskatchewan ;).. thought I'd add her page before she noticed it wasn't here ;)

Hey! The world could always use one or two more of these.. Led Zeppelin fans!!

Brian J
Someone who liked my site.. and asked for a link. (See, I'm not as callous as you think!)

'Bout time this boy done get himself a homepage! Oh.. and disregard everything he says about me :) Is lies!

Guess what.. it's another cafebleuer! Don't ask me about his taste in music.. I only agree with him on the Beatles :)

What to say what to say what to say.. *shrug* I dunno..

she's just starting out in the homepage circuits, but us cafe ppl are notorious homepagers ;)

He used to have dancing Beatle heads. But he took them out. A crying shame.

The Fly
Disguised in his civilian identity, he listens on walls just outside of Toronto..

I guess this page hasn't been updated in awhile.. but if you've never been there before that's no reason not to go!

The Spaminator
Even with frames, this is a damn good page (as evidenced by the Led Zeppelin section)

Hey! She runs an awesome channel.. even *I* go there ;) Check out #chatter2!

You might find her on #callahans on the net, or serving up good cheer at my local Robin's Donuts :)

Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of his web page on January 15th, this #chatter2 reg's page is worth visiting.

Wow!!! Talk about supergraphics.. he's got the market cornered! Absolutely gorgeous page, and it even has a purpose too!

hmm, not much to say, #chatter2 person, etc.. (writer's block)

Finally homepage fever has infected more of #chatter2 :) Check out his page for pics of him and his honey :)

get back to where you once belonged..