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uhh.. whatever

Well what do you know? I'm going to talk about nothing (*shock*). If you don't want to know any of this.. click right now to escape the following madness.

Just as an opening, although my birthday was 11 days ago (as of May 17th) *sigh* sadly enough substances of the alcoholic nature are still not going to be legally available. Not that that means I haven't partaken in them from time to time.. (c'mon, everyone's done it.. get riproaring drunk.. and end up with a story like this or worse).

after many long long years of waiting, and having only one phone extension in my house, I finally now have my own line. not that it matters.. no one ever calls me :( In case you don't get the hint.. CALL ME!! :P~~~ I get so lonely..

cameras? photos? Not around me, thanks. I have one picture of myself on the net, and that is quite enough. If you want to see more, then you can just fly on up to Saskatoon and see me in person :) No stalkers need apply.

It's a flaming macintosh!!! Myself, Macintosh computers bother me.. with their puny little keyboards and no function keys and their tiny little screens.. but maybe I'm just being picky..

Lava lamps are the coolest :) They epitomize the 70s, one of the most interesting decades to occur so far. Nothing like being high staring at little bubbles floating around in water.. or so I'm told. (Hint: my birthday's coming up soon.. any gifts would be appreciated... maybe even a lava lamp or two)

I'm good as gold :) What more can I say?

Hmmm.. oranges. Remind me of Christmas. You know why? Cause that's when we get those mandarin oranges.. the kind with the easy-peel skin that are so good and I love 'em to pieces!

I took lessons once.. about 8 months worth of acoustic guitar lessons. Did I learn anything? At the time, yes.. did I retain knowledge? Not a chance :)

So there's a bit of boring fluff to occupy your time. You do have to admit that they're cute lil pictures though, I had to put 'em on my page somehow, and since I don't go for the *completely* meaningless thing I created this page. Yes, it is a huge waste of webspace. Well, a small one. It's not that big of a file. Good thing I'm not lacking in web space :)

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