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And you thought you'd been here before..

Well, you haven't.
It's NEW!
But most of all..
It's {organized!} !

Enter The New Dimension!

I finally decided to do something to my page ^_^; It's been months since anything was last done, so I figured it was about time. You can visit the old-style page-o-mine, or just browse through the new and revamped stuff. Have yourself a jolly good time, y'hear?

{Heroes in a halfshell} {For the honour of Greyskull}

What's yer pizzen, guv'nor?

You can always visit the old-style page, which is my cowardice in not wanting to delete the page I worked to hard on. This page won't be different hugely, and it will be wordy. So be it. I like words. The attractive little logos on the either side here are links to theme songs. Who doesn't love the Ninja Turtles theme? And everyone knows She-Ra was better than He-Man.